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Types of Serious and Mild Injuries After a Car Accident

It is not easy to determine the milder or more serious consequences after a car accident, and it greatly determines the amount of your compensation.

Very few accidents where there was personal injury do not leave some type of deficiency, whether physical, mental, or aesthetic.

It is very common in cases of minor injuries that there are injuries such as cervical sprains or whiplash, chest trauma, headaches, brain injury, etc.

Calculating the value and claiming them with insurance companies is very complicated for lawyers and victims.

Insurers do not usually value or recognize them if they are minor, and when they are serious, they value them below their real value.

So, if you are injured in a car accident, the first thing you should do is schedule a free consultation with Weinberg Law Offices, there may be strategies for seeking compensation that are not immediately known.

Our goal is to present our clients with all of their options from day one.

We will take care of handling your case and we will communicate with you constantly to keep you informed in all aspects of your case.

To schedule a free consultation with the Attorneys at Weinberg Law Offices, please call us at 818-697-1079 or contact us online.

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