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What is the Accident Claim Process in Los Angeles and Who Should You File Your Claim With?

Here’s what you need to know about the claims process.

When making a claim for an accident-related injury, we are most likely filing your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

They are the ones who are going to pay you for the damages caused by the accident.

  1. We will begin the process by gathering evidence of fault against the party that caused the accident.
  2. We help with the entire repair process of your vehicle which consists of 2 parts:
    • If after inspection, the at-fault insurance adjuster determines that your car is repairable and both you and we agree with that verdict, we continue the repair process until delivery of your vehicle.
    • If your vehicle after being inspected, is declared a total loss, you have 2 options, keep the vehicle or turn it over to the insurer at fault.
  3. We will then make sure you get the necessary medical care for any injuries caused by the accident, at no initial costs to you.
  4. Next, we will put together your case, including documentation of your injuries and medical care and an estimate of the damages you are owed.
  5. Finally, once we have prepared your case, we will send it to the insurance company.
    • If the insurer agrees to pay you the compensation amount we ask for, in theory, you could get a check and move on with your life. Unfortunately, insurance companies never facilitate the process, resulting in very tedious processes, however, our team has extensive experience to make your case a success.

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