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The circumstances leading up to filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of your family member are always painful and traumatic. We realize how much anger and heartache it can cause, especially considering that the negligence of another party resulted in the death of someone you love. You should not have to go through this alone.

If you need a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, contact our experienced team today. At Weinberg Law Offices, we are here to protect your legal rights. We can also provide you with other personal injury lawyer recommendations if we cannot take on your claim. But we hope you will allow us to represent you during this time of profound grief. 

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What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death refers to when another person dies because another party—an entity or individual—was negligent or committed misconduct. Wrongful death claims are civil rather than criminal. Each state has a unique statutory scheme for wrongful death. Our team of lawyers can take care of the details so that you can focus on your emotional recovery.

At Weinberg Law Offices, we genuinely want to help you seek justice. Many times, large personal injury firms do not have the time to get each client the best possible settlement value. Not to mention, search engines and directories do not necessarily have high-quality lawyers listed. That is why we are going to recommend several law firms we have collaborated with. 

Why Do We Mention Other Law Firms?

We truly hope that we will be able to represent you here at Weinberg Law Offices, but we know that we cannot represent every client who comes our way. However, we still want to help you find the best lawyer to meet your needs. That’s why we recommend multiple attorneys throughout the area who can also assist you.

We encourage you to contact our empathetic team today if you need a wrongful death injury lawyer. The other law firms listed below are here for your convenience if we cannot take on your claim. We give them our highest endorsement and know they could also be a great fit.

What Are the Best Wrongful Death Law Firms in Los Angeles?

1. Yoni Weinberg – Weinberg Law Offices

Yoni Weinberg at the Weinberg Law Offices is a high-caliber wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles. He focuses his practice on wrongful death claims, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Other practice areas he has experience with include dog bite claims, slip-and-fall claims, and premise liability claims.

Our attorney is fluent in several languages, including English, Spanish, and Hebrew, which allows him to provide services to various communities in the Los Angeles area. 

Yoni Weinberg is a licensed attorney in California and other states as well. He is dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you need additional advice, we also have helpful information on personal injury in our blog and guide.

Feel free to call our office today for a free consultation. We are here to help you seek justice if you lost a loved one because of the negligence of another.

2. Ari Friedman Law Offices

Firm Website | Contact Information

Ari Friedman is also an excellent option if you need a wrongful death lawyer. Yoni Weinberg and Ari Friedman have partnered on car accident claims and premises liability claims, among various other cases.

Ari Friedman, as well as our attorney, have both graduated from CAALA Plaintiff Trial Academy.

In addition, Ari volunteers as a paramedic when he is not working as a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles.

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3. ACTS Law

Firm Website | Contact Information

ACTS Law is another top choice for a wrongful death attorney. We have successfully worked with this law firm on many claims. They do not hesitate to file suit when necessary.

Practice areas of ACTS Law include wrongful death, personal injury, civil litigation, civil rights, and product liability. Additional areas of expertise at this firm include commercial and residential property insurance claims and medical malpractice.

They are one of the best personal injury firms available in Los Angeles. We highly recommend them if you need a wrongful death lawyer.

4. Alder Law

Firm Website | Contact Information

The founder of Alder Law is Mike Alder, and he is an accomplished trial attorney in the area. Our lawyers have worked with Alder Law on numerous claims, including premises liability claims. We highly recommend this law firm if you are searching for a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer.

5. MKP Law Group

Firm Website | Contact Information

Our attorney, Yoni Weinberg, worked at a firm with the partners of the MKP Law Group in Los Angeles. Yoni left that previous firm to start the Weinberg Law Offices. Afterward, Jordan, Adam, and Matthew departed that firm and created the MKP Law Group. 

They have experience in many practice areas, including wrongful death, medical malpractice, and insurance bad faith.

We give this firm our endorsement as a respected personal injury law firm in Los Angeles.

6. Bloom Injury Law

Firm Website | Contact Information

We have collaborated with Bloom Injury Law many times. In one of these cases, the owner of a cosmetic spa burned a client, and together we achieved a successful settlement. 

Mark Bloom, the founder of the firm, has experience in wrongful death, negotiating sports contracts, federal law, and appeals. 

If you are looking for a top wrongful death attorney, Bloom Injury Law is a great option.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

If your family member has passed away due to negligence or misconduct, consider contacting our law firm. We are here to fight for you and help you file your claim.

Types of cases we handle include wrongful death, slip-and-fall accidents, sexual harassment, dog bites, and truck accidents. We also have expertise in auto accidents and personal injury claims. 

At Weinberg Law Offices, we believe there is no such thing as a “small case.” We give every client the time and dedication they deserve. 

You can contact us for a free consultation at 206-761-1016 or fill out our online form.

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As a personal injury attorney, my mantra is that there is no such thing as a “small case”. I will give 100% matter how big or small a case may be. I am fluent in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, languages which I use regularly in my practice.

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