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If You're a Person Without Legal Documents in the United States

As you know, your undocumented status is somewhat controversial in the United States.

However, California has a long history of protecting the rights of undocumented people, especially when it comes to filing personal injury claims.

A plaintiff’s immigration status is not admissible at trial in California, nor is the defendant or defense attorneys allowed to discover this information.

This means that undocumented individuals are entitled to full compensation in personal injury claims, regardless of their immigration status, and the plaintiff does not have to fear deportation as a result of a personal injury lawsuit.

Your immigration status cannot be part of the court file.

In case you have a car accident that was caused by another person, contact an injury lawyer who is an expert in this type of case, and help you with your claim with the insurers to obtain fair compensation and help you recover from your injuries.

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Our goal is to present our clients with all of their options from day one.

We will take care of handling your case and we will communicate with you constantly to keep you informed on all aspects of your case.

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