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We truly believe that hiring a personal injury lawyer should not be a daunting task.

If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney, Fresno has many excellent lawyers to choose from. Many people turn to the internet when deciding whether to hire a personal injury attorney.

However, staring at pages of results trying to figure out who the best personal injury attorney in Fresno, CA, is can be overwhelming. It’s important to know that not all the lists you see online are created equal.

While most people will vet their selection for help with their personal injury case, others will hire big firms that do not offer the same one-on-one representation that different firms can offer.

One of the easiest places to find a personal injury lawyer in Fresno is the Internet.

Therefore, people will search for terms like “personal injury attorney Fresno” and find advertisements and directory listings as the first few search results.

These are often larger law firms that have multiple personal injury lawyers working at the firm.

Some directories may include a vast number of personal injury lawyers. However, they may have yet to vet each attorney thoroughly. In some cases, these directories may rank attorneys based on how much they paid to be listed.

That means the list may not factor in the attorney’s level of experience or skill. In other words, these rankings may not accurately reflect the best options for a Fresno personal injury attorney.

It is not uncommon for a person to search for “best personal injury lawyers Fresno”.

The results will most likely lead the person to a directory site that lists hundreds of personal injury lawyers in Fresno, CA.

Why Would We List Other Law Firms On Our Website?

We are not Google, Avvo, or Yelp, we are personal injury lawyers helping those in Fresno and throughout the state of California.

If we cannot take your case, we would recommend contacting another firm that we have listed below based on their representation and our research.

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At Weinberg Law Offices, we believe in protecting the rights of people who have suffered injuries in accidents. We know how painful it is to suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence, and we understand the financial stress that injuries cause.

We also know that large personal injury firms that advertise on billboards, buses, radio, and television may handle a high volume of cases. Unfortunately, that means they may be unable to provide the personalized attention and care you deserve. That’s why you need to find the right personal injury attorney in Fresno who can meet your needs. 

We’ve taken the time to personally compile a list of some of the best Fresno personal injury lawyers based on our firsthand experience working with them. We understand that every case is unique and requires individual attention. Our lawyers will do everything in our power to help you receive the best representation and maximum financial compensation following a personal injury accident.

We wish we could handle every case presented to us. However, that isn’t always feasible. Even if we can’t represent you for some reason, we still want to help you find a Fresno, CA, personal injury attorney who will provide the best possible representation.

We encourage you to use our list of the best personal injury attorneys in Fresno to find an attorney who can help you with your case. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you get the justice you deserve.

1. Yoni Weinberg – Weinberg Law Offices

About Yoni | LinkedIn Profile

Attorney Yoni Weinberg is a personal injury attorney in Fresno who also helps those throughout the state of California and is licensed in other states as well. 

With a personal commitment to his clients, he takes cases head-on and works closely with his clients to get them the most possible.

He speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish which adds a level to his experience in personal injury cases and helping those in Fresno, CA.

He has had success helping with the following injury case types but not limited to car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, and premise liability cases.

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2. Grossman Law Offices

Firm Website | Contact Information 

California Bar Association Status


Dennis and Paul Grossman bring a unique blend of experience and passion to the Grossman Law Offices in Fresno. 

Dennis has been practicing law since 1997, transitioning from a Wall Street corporate tax lawyer to a champion for personal injury clients. He’s secured millions in settlements and verdicts for his clients. 

Having practiced law since 1972, Paul is the firm’s seasoned founder and managing partner, boasting over $100 million secured for his clients. 

This father-son duo’s commitment to their clients has earned them recognition, including membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum and being named in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers. Reach out to Grossman Law Offices, and benefit from their combined expertise in fighting for your rights.

3. Maison Law

Firm Website | Contact Information 

California Bar Association Status


Law School Attended

Georgetown University Law Center

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, is a seasoned attorney with a decade-long career representing large corporations across New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Deciding to shift his focus on championing the rights of everyday people, he has harnessed his understanding of the intricacies of insurance companies to represent and give a voice to victims of accidents. Since 2014, Maison Law has given people the opportunity to challenge major insurance companies, with Martin leading the charge. 

Known for his strategic approach, positive attitude, and dedication to building personal relationships with clients, Martin gives personalized attention to every client, no matter how big or small your case is.

4. Law Offices of Frank M. Nunes Inc.

Firm Website | Contact Information 

California Bar Association Status


Law School Attended

San Joaquin College of Law

Frank Nunes is the founder of Nunes Law. He’s a lifelong resident of Fresno County with deep community roots. He started his legal journey as a Tulare County District Attorney prosecutor, followed by time in the Fresno County Counsel’s office, working on the ordinance and zoning enforcement.

Frank also worked as an in-house counsel for a national insurance company. His intimate understanding of insurance claims practices has proven invaluable in helping victims of personal injury and motor vehicle accidents seek justice. 

Frank founded Nunes Law in 2007, where he continues to fiercely represent those facing challenging circumstances against big insurance companies, providing both a robust legal defense and a deeply personal touch.

Personal Injury Attorney

5. Freedman Law

Firm Website | Contact Information 

California Bar Association Status


Freedman Law has provided top-tier legal representation to personal injury clients for over 20 years. Stephen R. Cornwell and René Turner Sample, the firm’s current owners, combine their vast experience to offer unrivaled services.

Stephen, a San Francisco Bay Area native with a 40+ year career, has tried over 150 cases. His extensive litigation history covers general negligence, professional liability, and more. He has been repeatedly voted Super Lawyer in California and received numerous professional accolades. 

René, the first female member of the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates, is renowned as one of Central California’s most successful female trial lawyers. Her previous experience representing insurance companies brings unique insights to her plaintiff’s practice. They both relentlessly pursue justice for their clients, achieving significant settlements and verdicts.

6. The May Firm Injury Lawyers

Firm Website | Contact Information 

California Bar Association Status


Law School Attended

California Western School of Law 

The May Firm, established by Robert May, is deeply rooted in the principles of sincerity, hard work, and exceptional client service, inspired by his upbringing in a devoted, blue-collar family in Santa Maria. Mirroring the customer-focused approach of his father, a concrete salesman, Robert and his brothers offer a uniquely personal touch to their legal practice. 

The firm’s welcoming environment reflects Robert’s passion for surfing and is home to his beloved vizsla, Copper, the in-house comfort provider. With a four-generation history on the Central California Coast, Robert is dedicated to fighting for local citizens in their crucial times of need, cherishing the opportunity to serve and live in such a remarkable region.

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As a personal injury attorney, my mantra is that there is no such thing as a “small case”. I will give 100% matter how big or small a case may be. I am fluent in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, languages which I use regularly in my practice.