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German Zuniga
German Zuniga
To this date attorney Yoni and his assistant Edgar, have been tremendous in making sure I have a smooth case from a 3 car accident while we were vacationing in San Diego, CA, while i am originally from across the country from NJ, they have handled everything with no complications which I am shocked that Yoni is much better and more professional than any attorney I’ve seen in NJ alone. I highly recommend working with this law firm as they have been amazing in making sure we are stress free throughout the process.
Miguel Parke
Miguel Parke
hola. Mi nombre jesus. Yo los recomiendo. Excelente trabajo. Estoi muy agradesido con hellos.
Jose Cota
Jose Cota
Excelente servicio se los recomiendo 🙂
Jay Steinau
Jay Steinau
Yoni took my call personally and gave me great advice and pointed me in the right direction despite my case (insurance) not being his area of practice (personal injury). He was kind and professional and spoke to me like a person, not a lawyer who knew more than me. If you have a personal injury case, I recommend you call Yoni before one of the big box law firms that will pass your case to a paralegal.
Erick Novik
Erick Novik
Yoni is an excellent attorney that works hard for his clients. He is caring, compassionate, and knows how to get the job done.
Edward Woodfork
Edward Woodfork
I would like to say yonni had been the best and professional man I have met in a great while . I am a 22yr 6 combat tour marine vet . And all I can say is he went above and beyond to take care of me and my family . If you have a problem give him a call 1st !!!!!!! Yonni be blessed in all you do thanks ! 1st Woodfork Usmc Ret
Joshua Merl
Joshua Merl
We are very thankful for you and your team for not only knowing the laws but also deeply understanding them and being able to thoroughly explain everything we needed to know as well as answer our questions fully and precisely. I am very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by Weinberg Law and would definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs legal assistance.
Mike K
Mike K
I hired them to represent me and was very happy with the service I received. The lawyer in charge of my case was able to speak whenever I had a question which I really appreciated.
Lena Johnson
Lena Johnson
Yoni is the best ! He made something impossible happen for me 👍
Alen Beygelman
Alen Beygelman
Mr. Weinberg helped me reach a settlement on a case very promptly on an issue I had been struggling with for awhile. Best the decision I made!

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  We are so thankful to have found Yoni. He responded in minutes and took the time to really listen to me and answer all my questions. I had called over a dozen different firms and none of them responded to me. Yoni made my difficult situation less stressful and made me feel comfortable and confident in the process. All the other firms I reached out to made feel like I was not worth their time and made it seem like all my questions were unworthy of answering. Thank-you Yoni for genuinely taking time to listen and help us through the process

thumb Angelina

  Absolutely brilliant job done by the entire team at Weinberg Law Offices! Less than a year to settle a complicated accident claim with lots of medical expenses. Yoni, Manny, and Nira exceeded my expectations and were incredibly easy and helpful in the process!
Thanks Weinberg Law Offices!

thumb Sierra C.

  Very!very! very professional lawyer!
Yoni stood out compared to other lawyers I had spoke with after my car accident.The process on setting my case took little over year,would have been faster but made few mistakes that slowed the process down. Through the whole year Yoni was always available to answer any questions I had from rides to the doctor To question about my legal case,he helped in every way he could getting the best settlement.
Highly recommend lawyer! the best I have worked with.

Margaret G.

thumb Margaret G.

  If you ever had to deal with really bad lawyers and their staff, then you appreciate the really good ones. Also, if your expectations are high, you should only want to work with the best.

thumb AnnaLisa W.

  I was referred to Speak to Yoni for advice on a car accident I was recently involved in. Yoni called me personally over the phone and was so Nice, knowledgeable, and thorough with his explanations. He was very patient with me answering all of my questions and going over all of my options. Even though he knew he couldn't take my case, he still was patient with me until all of my questions were answered. I really appreciated that he was knowledgeable and nice in our discussion. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

thumb Chantal C.

  i needed a lawyer for my issues omg he was a blessing he took his time and talk to me unfortunately you don't see that anymore. very sweet he helped me even he couldn't take my case but he told me where to search . god bless him . i wish some or most of lawyers be like him just to understand everyone problems not just ignore it . frm to him thank you again and god bless you that few answers and massages made my day

thumb Shamsi M.

  We are very lucky to have been put in touch with Mr. Weinberg and his team. It was quite refreshing being able to deal with the lawyers themselves and not only the paralegal. I felt very taken care of and that I was in very good, confident hands during this difficult time.

thumb Ari M.

  Obviously in LA there are a lot of attorneys to choose from. I was referred to Weinberg law offices by a friend who had a slip and fall accident and got a settlement they were very happy with. I had the exact same experience as he did for my accident. I didn't think I'd get nearly as much as I did. Thanks guys!

thumb Jon P.

  They represented me and did a great job. I was happy with them. They were great at communicating with me and getting me more than I expected.

thumb Michael K.

  Yoni Helped me make the right decision regarding my case he was honest and straightforward definitely recommend!

thumb Abraham R.

  I had a car accident in the San Jose area about six months ago, I have no idea how I got to yoni which is in Los Angeles but it was a gift from heaven, yoni and Nira took care of me and guided me at every step 24/7 and took care of me like family,i highly recommend anyone who needs a lawyer to come to this office and receive The best service possible ....

thumb Danit R.

  I have contacted several attorneys before, looking for help with my legal issue and I couldn't find one that was willing to help me.
When I contacted the Law Offices of Yoni Weinberg it was a different experience,
I felt that they are listing to my concerns and they were able to give me the answers that I needed.
I am planning to use them in the future and to recommend them to my friends.

thumb Efi P.