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The most common method people use to find a personal injury lawyer is the internet. More specifically, people often search for the term best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. The results that appear towards the top are oftentimes directories that include a large number of personal injury lawyers. 

While some may legitimately vet the attorneys they post, others rank attorneys based on how much they pay to be listed. Rankings based on spending are inaccurate, as the company ranking the attorney typically does not have much interaction with them. 

We legitimately care about protecting people’s rights. It is painful to see a person that suffers permanent injuries as a result of a car crash settle for a fraction of what their case is worth. The large personal injury firms that advertise on billboards, buses, radio, and television handle a large volume of cases and are oftentimes unable to maximize settlement values for personal injury claims.

Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the top 6 best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles that we have personally worked with. 

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Why Do This?

We are not Avvo, Google, or Yelp, we are personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. We truly hope that we can represent you for your personal injury case, but if for some reason we cannot, we still want to try to help you find representation.

Every case is different. We will do everything possible to make sure that we can work together in order to get you the medical treatment and financial compensation that you deserve following a personal injury claim. While we wish we could accept every case that we’re presented with, the reality is that there will be cases that we may not view as being feasible, but another attorney may view differently. 

We hope that you will reach out to us when you need a personal injury attorney, but if for some reason we do not end up representing you, we encourage you to take advantage of the following list of the best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles:

1. Yoni Weinberg – Weinberg Law Offices

Attorney Yoni Weinberg is a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who also helps those throughout the state of California and is licensed in other states as well. With a personal commitment to his clients, he takes cases head-on and works closely with his clients to get them the most possible.

He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Spanish which adds a level to his experience in personal injury cases and helping those in Los Angeles. He has had success helping with the following injury case types but not limited to car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, and premise liability cases.

After we schedule your free consultation, we recommend you check out both our blog and guide for some informative material we’ve written on various topics relating to personal injury cases. We feel confident in publishing this information for the public to read because personal injury is our specialty and we, therefore, have a plethora of experience in the field.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

2. ACTS Law

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This firm shares our ideology of not being afraid to file a lawsuit when the insurance companies do not provide fair offers.

We have partnered with them on numerous cases and have been very successful.

They are located in Encino and handle cases such as civil rights, civil litigation, medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury, commercial and residential property insurance claims, and bad faith insurance disputes.

We endorse ACTS law as being worthy of placement on our list of the best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles.

3. Ari Friedman Law Offices

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Ari Friedman and Yoni Weinberg have worked together on countless matters, including car accidents and premises liability cases, and have been very successful as a team.

Like Yoni, Ari graduated from the prestigious CAALA Plaintiff Trial Academy, which was designed to hone trial skills.

It was evident to Yoni that Ari was a genuinely good person when he met him and discovered that he volunteers as a paramedic in his free time.

We endorse the Ari Friedman Law Offices as being worthy of placement on our list as one of Los Angeles’ best personal injury law firms.

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4. MKP Law Group

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Yoni Weinberg previously worked at a law firm in Central Los Angeles with the partners of this firm. Sometime after Yoni departed that firm to establish the Weinberg Law Offices, Adam, Jordan, and Matthew departed to establish the MKP Law Group. Having worked with them on the same cases at the same firm prior to establishing the Weinberg Law Offices, Yoni knows that they are more than capable of achieving optimal results.

Two of their specialties, medical malpractice, and insurance bad faith, are not specialties that every personal injury firm covers.

We endorse MKP Law Group as being worthy of placement on our list as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

5. Alder Law

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Mike Alder, the founder of Alder Law, is not only a southern gentleman but a successful trial attorney as well. He truly cares about the plaintiff’s rights and contributes to the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) regularly.

We partnered with Alder Law on a number of premise liability cases, including one in which a large glass door at a shopping mall fell on a young woman and permanently injured her. It was a pleasure working with Mike and an even bigger pleasure achieving a significant settlement for our mutual client.

We endorse Alder Law as being worthy of placement on our list as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

6. Bloom Injury Law

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Mark Bloom, the founder of Bloom Injury Law, has partnered with us on numerous cases, including a case in which a cosmetic spa owner burned a client with a laser. We reached a successful settlement on that matter.

He works hard to make sure his clients are satisfied. Mark also stands out as being experienced in Federal Law, appeals, and negotiating sports contracts. He has settled contract matters for over 40 football players. 

We endorse Bloom Injury Law as being worthy of placement on our list as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

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As a personal injury attorney, my mantra is that there is no such thing as a “small case”. I will give 100% matter how big or small a case may be. I am fluent in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, languages which I use regularly in my practice.