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Traveling by bus can be one of the safer modes of transportation, but there is no guarantee an accident won’t happen.

No one thinks they will step onto a city bus or even a school bus and get into an accident.

However, accidents happen every day across Los Angeles.

Many of these collisions result in severe injuries to bus occupants.

The risk of getting into an accident increases as more Los Angeles residents opt to commute via bus.

If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a bus accident, it’s time to call a bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Our skilled Los Angeles bus accident attorneys at Weinberg Law Offices stand ready to assist you.

We have years of experience representing injured victims and their families, whether they suffered injuries on a city bus or a school bus.

The consequences of a severe bus accident can be significant for everyone in the family. You could be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.  

Bus Accident Statistics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) tracks bus accident statistics. In 2019, 25,000 people were injured in bus accidents across the country.

Two hundred fifty-eight of these people died as a result of their injuries, and nine fatalities were on school buses. People who cause injuries to bus occupants should be held accountable for their actions.

If you sustained injuries as an occupant on a bus due to someone else’s negligence, contact a bus accident attorney in Los Angeles to learn more about your legal rights.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Collisions involving buses can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Common causes of bus accidents in Los Angeles include:

  • Distracted drivers. Both bus drivers and other motorists can be guilty of being distracted. Distracted driving is more than just texting and driving. Drivers who look at their GPS, eat, change radio stations, talk to someone else in the vehicle, etc., are distracted.
  • Bus company negligence. Bus companies can also be negligent. Lack of training for drivers or failure to maintain their buses can lead to accidents. Entities in charge of public transit or bus companies are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe fleet of buses and employing properly trained drivers.
  • Road hazards and weather. Adverse weather and road conditions can also lead to accidents. A bus driver may be unable to control the bus if there’s a giant pothole, malfunctioning traffic lights, storm debris, uneven road surfaces, and more.

Before collecting compensation for your injuries, you must prove the defendants are liable.

The first step is to contact Weinberg Law Offices. Speak with a bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Who Is Liable for Your Injuries in a Bus Accident

Determining who is at fault is not always straightforward. If you are a passenger on the bus, you likely have no responsibility for the accident.

Understandably, you want to know who should be compensating you for your injuries. It’s common for more than one party to be negligent.

Potential negligent parties include:

  • Private bus companies,
  • Government entities,
  • Third-party drivers,
  • Schools, and
  • Vehicle manufacturers.

In Los Angeles, it’s common for The City of Los Angeles to be a named defendant when public buses are involved. However, when you hire Weinberg Law Offices, we will help you identify all responsible parties.

Common Injuries in Bus Accidents

Unfortunately, many bus accidents involve severe to catastrophic injuries.

Many buses do not contain seatbelts, contributing to the severity of injuries in these accidents. Occupants may be thrown around inside the bus during a collision.

Our attorneys see a wide range of bus accident injuries, but some of the most common ones include:

Getting the best medical treatment possible when you suffer severe injuries is crucial. Our legal team can help you find the best specialists for your current injuries, and then we can help you pursue a claim for financial compensation.

How Can a Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney Assist You?

Our bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles will be with you through every step of the claims process. We will handle all the complex legal aspects, giving you time to heal and concentrate on your recovery.

We will open an independent and thorough investigation to determine all liable parties. It’s crucial to collect and preserve all evidence.

Our team will work tirelessly to gather all documentation that supports your claim.

When you hire Weinberg Law Offices, we will handle all communication with the liable parties’ claims adjusters and defense attorneys.

That includes negotiating a potential settlement. You won’t need to worry about speaking with the adjuster or fighting for a reasonable settlement.

When you represent yourself, insurance companies rely on the fact that you don’t have a legal background. They may unfairly deny liability or extend a “lowball” offer. A lowball offer is less than your case is worth.

The adjuster offers a minuscule amount of money, hoping you will agree to settle because you need cash right now to pay bills. They can close their file for much less than they should be paying you.

In some bus accidents, hiring one or more industry experts may be necessary.

In cases involving severe injuries, you may need an expert who can provide documentation of what your future medical care might cost and what your loss of earning capacity is worth if you are permanently disabled from the accident.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles  

Weinberg Law Offices is here for you when you suffer injuries as a bus occupant. Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers will be there for you every step of the way when pursuing a claim for financial compensation.

We have years of experience assisting injured victims and will fight tirelessly to protect your rights.

Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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