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average settlement for spinal stenosis

There is no clear average settlement for spinal stenosis. Settlement amounts vary widely based on the severity and impact of the injury.

The confidential nature of settlement figures adds to the complexity of collecting enough data to calculate a true average spinal stenosis settlement amount. Even without statistical information, there are ways to estimate the value of your spinal stenosis settlement. 

What Determines the Value of My Spinal Stenosis Settlement? 

Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the spaces within your spinal canal shrink. When the spaces inside your backbone are too small, it can put pressure on your spinal cord, causing cramping of the nerves. Patients with spinal stenosis often experience symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in their lower back or neck. 

If a doctor diagnoses you with spinal stenosis as a result of an accidental injury, you may be entitled to compensation from an at-fault party. How much compensation depends on a variety of factors. 

Impact on Quality of Life

Spinal cord damage can have a traumatic effect on your ability to live a normal life. Spinal injuries range in severity from intermittent pain and numbness to full paralysis of the limbs. No matter where your injury falls on the spectrum, your life will never be the same. Examples of daily impacts include loss of:

  • Mobility;
  • Range of motion; 
  • The ability to take part in hobbies, sports, or exercise;
  • The ability to play with your children or pets;
  • The ability to live independently; and 
  • The ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time. 

Additionally, the pain caused by a spinal injury can affect your emotional and mental well-being. Pain can keep you awake at night and prevent you from enjoying things you once cherished. Through a spinal stenosis settlement, you could be compensated for the pain and suffering of the spinal injury. 

Financial Impact

While money can never make up for a reduced quality of life, a spinal stenosis settlement can help your family financially recover and provide a monetary cushion for the future. The value of your claim can be affected by your financial losses, including the following.

Medical Expenses

Treating a spinal injury is not cheap. Depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor may recommend anything from pain medications to a spinal fusion. Other medical tests and treatments may include:

  • X-rays,
  • MRIs,
  • Chiropractic care,
  • Physical therapy, 
  • Steroid injections, and
  • Surgery.

When your injury is severe, you could need years of continuous treatment. Your recovery may also require you to hire a home nurse or modify your home for wheelchair access. Those expenses could be added to your spinal stenosis settlement. 

Lost Wages

A spinal injury can have a devastating impact on your career. If you have a physically demanding job, such as construction, your loss of mobility may make it impossible for you to lift or bend. If you work in an office setting, the pain may make it difficult to concentrate or uncomfortable to sit at a desk.

If your spinal stenosis forces you to work fewer hours or take a lower-paying position, your settlement can include the difference between your pre- and post-accident incomes. A settlement may also take into account your potential future earnings had you remained in your previous line of work. 

Along with taking time off to heal, recovering from a spinal injury often involves missing work to attend frequent medical appointments.

This can put you in the impossible situation of choosing between your health and providing enough income for your family. A comprehensive spinal stenosis car accident settlement can account for future medical appointments and keep you from making that choice. 

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Award Examples

While settlement amounts are highly fact-dependent, we may be able to gain insight on the value of a spinal stenosis personal injury claim by looking at settlements and jury awards under comparable circumstances.

Shay v. Hynes-Akil, Contra County Superior Court, MSC-19-01776, 2022 

Plaintiff Dennis Shay, was rear-ended by Defendant Jakari Hynes-Akil. Dennis suffered a herniated disc which compressed his spinal cord, causing nerve root canal stenosis, ongoing neck pain, headaches, and arm weakness. Dennis had an MRI five months after the crash due to ongoing pain. The jury awarded Dennis: 

  • $68,759 for lost wages and medical expenses, and 
  • $68,0000 for pain and suffering. 

Dennis received a total damages award of $137,759. 

Khanian v. All Action Security Consulting Group, Los Angeles Superior Court, 20STCV24447, 2020

A young, untrained security guard employed by the defendant body-slammed plaintiff, causing severe injuries. The security guard left his post at a luxury apartment to stop what he believed was a man stealing a woman’s purse.

In reality, the man was the owner of a nearby jewelry store, and the women had stolen earrings in her purse. Plaintiff suffered disc herniations, muscle weakness, and numbness, resulting in a foraminal stenosis jury award of: 

  • $145,754 for past medical expenses,
  • $115,000 for future medical expenses,
  • $850,000 for past pain and suffering, and
  • $1,200,000 for future pain and suffering. 

Khanian received a total damages award of $2,310,754.

Gough v. Belcher, Orange County Superior Court, 30-2017-00907422-CU-OA, 2019

Defendant Robert Belcher placed two pieces of aluminum trim horizontally into the basket of his handicapped electric cart at a home improvement store.

While driving through the store, the trim swung into plaintiff Joseph Gough’s head and neck. After the incident, Gough experienced dizziness, numbness, and a bulging disc. After undergoing several cervical fusion surgeries, Gough sued resulting in a cervical stenosis jury award of: 

  • $351,585 for past financial losses, 
  • $220,000 for future financial losses, 
  • $472,700 for past pain and suffering, and 
  • $1,954,575 for future pain and suffering. 

Gough received a total damages award of $2,998,860.

What Can I Do to Get a Fair Settlement? 

As you can see from the examples above, damage awards in spinal stenosis settlements have a wide range in values.

Contact Weinberg Law Offices now to learn how your settlement could be affected by your specific situation. We will discuss a realistic award estimate by examining the facts and circumstances surrounding your injury.

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 Disclaimer: This content should not be construed as legal advice. 

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