The use of electric scooters in the United States has spiked dramatically in recent years and will likely continue increasing.

Despite their growing popularity, they are not necessarily safer than cars. When you ride an electric scooter, you do not have the same shield of protection that a motor vehicle offers.

At Weinberg Law Offices, we understand that the injuries that can occur can severely disrupt your life.

If you need an experienced scooter accident lawyer, consider reaching out to us. We can help you file suit against the scooter company or other responsible parties and recover fair compensation for your damages.

Common Injuries Based on Scooter Accident Statistics

A person involved in a scooter accident may suffer numerous injuries. According to scooter accident statistics documented by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2019, these are the most frequently occurring injuries.

Broken Bones

With the rising use of scooters has come an increase in injuries. Fractures a person might suffer in a scooter accident include:

  • Fractures of the radius,
  • Clavicle fractures, and
  • Hand bone fractures.

If you have experienced the above, do not wait to reach out to an accomplished scooter accident lawyer today. We can assist you in filing your claim to recover compensation for your injuries.


Lacerations are also prevalent injuries in scooter accidents. Scooters do not allow riders the protection of a vehicle, and so riders often will fall off. This can cause extremely painful lacerations.

Head Injuries

It is also not unheard of for head injuries to occur in a scooter accident. When you rent an electric scooter in an urban area, they typically do not come with a helmet.

Therefore, many riders are likely not wearing one. This can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and other severe injuries to the head and brain.


A contusion is another term for internal bleeding. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in a scooter accident. Swelling or tightness in a particular muscle are signs you have suffered a contusion.

Common Causes of an Electric Scooter Accident

There are various reasons an electric scooter accident might take place. Some of those potential causes are below. Understanding the cause of your crash will help you when filing your claim.

Distracted Driving

Distractions are a significant cause of all types of accidents, including scooter collisions with automobiles. A scooter driver has to maintain their balance much more than someone driving a car.

Thus, while they might think phone use on a scooter is harmless, it can be hazardous. They have to watch out for others on sidewalks and cars in the street.

Driving Under the Influence

This is a more common reason for a scooter accident than one might think. Those who ride an electric scooter while intoxicated are likely to lose control and collide with someone on the road.

Hazards on the Road

Small electric scooters are not able to roll over obstacles or hazards on the road like a car might be able to do. For example, even a minor pothole can cause a rider to fall off their scooter.

Scooter Malfunction

A malfunctioning scooter is also a potential reason a crash might take place. If this was the case for you, you could file suit against a scooter company such as Lime or Bird.

Issues with a scooter may involve:

  • Flat tires,
  • Motor problems, and
  • Defective batteries.

These are just a few defects that may result in a crash. Consider contacting our knowledgeable lawyers today, and we can help you pinpoint the exact cause.

What Parties Might Be Liable?

If you suffered injuries in a collision, one or more parties could hold responsibility for the accident. Liable parties might include:

  • The scooter company itself,
  • A scooter manufacturer,
  • A motor vehicle driver, and
  • The city responsible for roadway maintenance.

At Weinberg Law Offices, we can help you prove fault on the part of the scooter company or others. Reach out to our scooter accident attorneys for further information.

What Evidence Do I Need?

By gathering evidence, you and your attorney can help demonstrate that the other party was negligent.

Some of the evidence that may be crucial consists of the following:

  • Video footage,
  • Police reports, and
  • Expert testimony.

Our team of skilled lawyers is here to help you through this entire process. We will ensure you have the best representation possible when you file your claim. 

How Can Scooter Accident Attorneys Help Prove Negligence?

You will need to prove negligence to bring a claim against the defendant. There are four moving parts of negligence that our scooter accident attorneys can help you establish.

These elements are the duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages.

Duty of Care

The first element of negligence is the duty of care. This means the defendant had to act as an ordinary, reasonable person. 

For example, the electric scooter company must keep you reasonably safe and keep their scooters free of defects.

Breach of Duty

The next element of negligence is called a breach of duty. With a breach of duty, the defendant has failed to meet the appropriate standard of care that they owed to you.

So in the case of a malfunctioning scooter, you must show that the company failed to act as an ordinary, reasonable scooter company. 


This is the third element of a negligence lawsuit. You will need to show that the scooter company or other defendant was the cause of your injuries.

The standard is as follows: But for the breach of the duty by the defendant, you would not have suffered injuries.

An example of this would be that you suffered head injuries because the scooter company failed to properly maintain their scooters, resulting in a crash that injured you.


Lastly, you must show that you have damages to bring a negligence lawsuit. This may include physical injuries such as lacerations that result in expensive medical bills. It could also involve lost wages and pain and suffering.

An electric scooter accident lawyer can help you determine other damages you might have suffered. 

How an Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer can Help

If you have sustained injuries in an electric scooter accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced electric scooter accident lawyer.

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