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Can I Switch My Personal Injury Lawyers?

As the client, you have the ultimate say in whether a particular personal injury attorney represents you.

Additionally, you have the right to represent yourself in court or during settlement negotiations without the help of an attorney.

The general benefits of having a personal injury lawyer are well-known, and many people choose to hire a lawyer.

But if an attorney-client relationship just isn’t working for you, you may wonder, Can I switch my personal injury lawyers? The short answer to this question is “yes.” 

Weinberg Law Offices provides outstanding legal representation to injury victims throughout California and Washington.

We understand the importance of developing and maintaining an attorney-client relationship built on trust and respect.

We honor our clients’ journeys and provide the highest level of professionalism and personalized service when representing others in court and during negotiations. 

Can You Hire Another Lawyer If You Already Have One?

Can you hire another lawyer if you already have one? If you have a personal injury lawyer but want to hire another one, you can do so, but make sure to tell both attorneys about the situation.

The new attorney will likely want to ensure you will commit to hiring them before they begin work. Further, your current attorney needs to know that you are dissatisfied so they can formally withdraw from the case. 

Can You Fire Your Personal Injury Lawyers?

Can you fire your personal injury lawyers? You can fire your personal injury lawyers if you change your mind about having them represent you.

In most cases, you don’t have to give any specific reason for wanting to part ways. But the attorney must file a motion to withdraw as your attorney of record.

In this document, they must list why they are withdrawing and indicate that you consent. The attorney and the court may require you to sign an affidavit (a written promise made under oath) about the situation and formally give the attorney permission to no longer serve as your attorney. 

How Often Should I Hear from My Personal Injury Attorney?

How often should I hear from my personal injury attorney? Attorneys should keep clients reasonably informed about the progress of the case.

The specific timing of the updates depends on the type of case and the level of activity. For example, if changes occur regarding the case on a daily basis, the attorney should provide more updates than, say, if new case events are less frequent at this stage. 

Even so, attorneys should keep in contact with their clients and respond to requests for updates within a reasonable amount of time. If your attorney is not getting back to you and weeks or months have passed, this may be a sign of trouble. 

Can I Switch My Personal Injury Lawyers?

You can switch your personal injury lawyers anytime that you would like. Injury victims can choose what lawyer represents their interests in court and may even decide not to have an attorney. Here are some tips to keep in mind when switching personal injury attorneys. 

What Should I Know About Switching Attorneys in the Middle of a Case?

When switching attorneys in the middle of a case, it’s essential to do so after careful consideration. The new attorney will need additional time to get up to speed and become familiar with the lawsuit. Doing so will inevitably result in a reasonable delay. 

Further, there is a unique process by which attorneys formally remove themselves from the case. During the transition to a new attorney, be prepared to sign paperwork and court documents to let the court know you consent to and request the change in lawyers. 

Does It Look Bad to Switch Lawyers?

Does it look bad to switch lawyers? Switching lawyers does not necessarily look bad, especially if you are doing so because of valid concerns.

For example, switching attorneys is reasonable if the attorney avoids your phone calls or has failed to take necessary and urgent actions in your case. 

That said, the new attorney you speak to (if you choose to do so) may have questions about the breakdown in the first attorney-client relationship.

Having this conversation helps the attorney understand what happened and determine if you and the lawyer are a good fit for each other. It can also help them to get an idea of your expectations to better serve your needs and interests. 

What Is the Process of Switching Attorneys?

The specific process of switching attorneys typically depends on the court in which the case is pending. Many courts, such as the courts in California, require attorneys to seek permission to withdraw formally from a lawsuit.

To help make this happen, the client must sign explicit paperwork to tell the court they want the attorney to withdraw and no longer serve as their lawyer. The client may also need to appear in court and provide in-person confirmation. 

I’m Not Happy with My Personal Injury Settlement. What Are My Options?

If you’re not happy with your personal injury settlement, you may be able to file an appeal or seek other remedies. But it heavily depends on the specific facts involved in your case. 

If you haven’t signed the personal injury settlement yet, you may be able to continue negotiations to try to get a better offer. Or you can take the case to trial to argue it in front of the judge or jury and pursue compensation in court

Weinberg Law Offices: Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers Serving California and Washington State

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with and confident in your personal injury lawyer. After all, your attorney will be responsible for speaking on your behalf and protecting your legal rights.

Disruptions to the integrity of this relationship can be detrimental to your overall legal claim and well-being. 

Yoni Weinberg has always assumed the role of an advocate. From the time he was young to today, he regularly stands up against bullies, like insurance companies, negligent drivers, bad actors, and others who take advantage of people.

Yoni commits 100% of his resources and knowledge to his clients, regardless of the size of the claim. To him, clients are people, not dollar signs. 

If you were injured by someone else’s conduct, call 818-824-6721 or fill out this form to schedule a consultation with Yoni today.

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