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While head-on collisions are not the most common type of car accident, they are one of the deadliest.

Should someone survive a head-on accident, they likely have catastrophic injuries that require lifelong medical care.

Determining fault can be complicated, especially if one or both drivers do not survive to give their statement of what happened.

Speak with a skilled California car accident lawyer at the Weinberg Law Offices to improve your chances of recovering compensation in a head-on collision accident.

Head-on collisions happen when the front end of one car makes impacts on the front end of another vehicle. Speed plays a huge factor in injury severity with this type of crash.

However, even a head-on accident at a slow speed can cause severe injuries.

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Common Causes of a Head-On Collision Accident

A head-on accident is rarely an “accident.” Negligence is almost always involved in this type of collision.

Distracted driving is a frequent cause of head-on crashes. It only takes a split-second distraction to turn an ordinary drive into a deadly encounter.

Common distractions include texting or using the cell phone, looking at the GPS, changing a radio station, eating, and talking to passengers.

Drowsy driving can also contribute to a deadly head-on collision. If a driver has been driving for hours and it’s dark, they could be fatigued, causing them to nod off while behind the wheel.

Another common cause of head-on accidents involves drivers overtaking a slower vehicle on a one-lane road. This situation is more common in rural areas.

A driver tries to pass a slower vehicle by crossing into the oncoming lane. If the driver does not see an oncoming vehicle in time or misjudges the other car’s speed, the results can be deadly.

Drivers who have been drinking or taking drugs also put other motorists at risk for a head-on collision accident.

Impaired drivers may take less-traveled roads to get home because they think it’s safer and there is less chance of running into a police officer.

However, alcohol affects your motor skills and reaction times. If a drunk driver drifts into other lanes, they could strike an oncoming vehicle.

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Determining Who Is at Fault in a Head-On Collision

Figuring out who is responsible for a head-on collision requires a thorough investigation. Who had the right of way?

If one driver is on the wrong side of the road, there’s a strong possibility they are the at-fault party.

However, they may not be 100% at fault. Perhaps they swerved to avoid another vehicle or had a medical emergency.

Not all liability investigations are clear-cut either. There could be a third-party cause, such as a road hazard.

Perhaps a huge pothole damaged the driver’s vehicle, causing the driver to lose control. The agency responsible for maintaining the roads could share liability for a head-on accident.

California is a pure comparative negligence state. That means you can also be a percentage at fault for the accident and still recover some compensation for your injuries.

For example, if you are 20% at fault, you could be eligible to receive 80% of your total damages.

The other driver’s insurance company will take whatever steps necessary to put as much fault on you as possible because it reduces their payout in a personal injury claim.

That is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to have a legal advocate on your side.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

If you sustained injuries in a head-on accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you have legal rights.

You need a skilled California car accident lawyer who has experience representing victims in California head-on collision accident claims. Lawyers that have experience with head-on collision cases can help you recover damages at Weinberg Law Offices.

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We will work diligently to help you fight for the maximum compensation you are owed, including payment for your future medical care and loss of earning capacity.

If the other driver’s insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith, we aren’t afraid to take your case to trial.

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