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what to do after a dog bite

Dog bite lawsuits arise when a person has been bitten by a dog as a result of the negligence and irresponsibility of the owner of said animal.

This occurs when a dog without proper supervision causes an injury to an innocent person, thus giving way to a search for compensation that has to be paid by the owner of the dog to the victim.

What to do after a dog bite?

1. Seek Medical Attention Immediately

We know that it sounds somewhat orthodox, but it is important that after a dog bite, you seek medical help, call the ambulance, or call 911 to be treated as soon as possible.

Although many dogs are cared for and have their vaccinations up to date, it does not mean that they are free of other germs that can affect us due to the wounds made by them.

At the same time, the documentation and evidence of said attack through a medical report is important.

2. Report to the Authorities

It is vitally important to report to the authorities immediately regarding said attack, make a claim either to the animal control department, make a police report, etc.

3. Maintain and Preserve the Largest Amount of Information

In the event of a lawsuit, having the greatest amount of evidence of the accident will support you at the time of each claim.

This includes reports with the authorities, information on the owner of the dog, photographs of the injuries, medical reports, even the clothes he was wearing on the day of the attack, information from any witnesses, etc.

4. Seek Support From a Lawyer

Seeking the legal support of an experienced dog bite attorney will help you receive the highest possible compensation for your case. Investigate, provide legal and medical support to follow up on your injuries so that you recover satisfactorily.

An important detail of why a lawyer should be hired in these cases is because the insurance companies for the dog’s sleep will try to contact you to offer you a smaller and even ridiculous amount in order to get rid of any higher expenses.

You should not sign any document or offer at all and tell them to contact your lawyer because every insurer’s main task is to pay as little as possible to any individual.

How much can I receive on my claim?

The amount you can receive as compensation in this type of case varies by various factors such as:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • General medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • income losses
  • Future income losses.

In addition, the claim is made directly to the owner of the dog, who must prove that he was negligent and irresponsible in not knowing how to handle his pet.

However, in some cases, the home insurers are the ones that have dog bite coverage in their clauses and these policy limits range between $100,000 to $300,000 dollars.

Every dog ​​bite case is different, but with proper advice from our law office, we can get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

For a 100% free consultation with a dog bite attorney, contact Weinberg Law Offices at (818) 697-1079.

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