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The number one step to take when you are involved in a car wreck is to seek medical attention. Immediate and consistent care can protect your health and interests in a car accident claim. Not only is seeing a car accident doctor paramount after a crash but seeing the right car accident doctor is crucial. 

After a collision, you will likely need to start treatment with a visit to the emergency room or urgent care and then move on to attention from a specialist. If you do not know which healthcare providers or specialists can help you the most after a crash, consult an experienced car accident attorney.

At Weinberg Law Offices, P.C., we are award-winning attorneys with access to an impressive network of doctors for car accidents and can help you win all the compensation you deserve in an accident claim. 

What Doctor to See After a Car Accident

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After a car accident, you will likely need to see more than one car wreck doctor to help ensure all crash effects are properly diagnosed, monitored, and treated.

And even if you have no symptoms at the scene of the accident, you should visit a doctor right away. Car accident victims often have latent injuries that can affect them greatly in the long term. 

Seek Care in an Emergency Room or at Urgent Care

Do not hesitate to visit an emergency room or urgent care right after a crash. Describe all symptoms you have experienced since the accident, and explain what you for sure remember happening during the accident. Your explanation might include the following: 

  • Where you or your car was struck; 
  • How each part of your body moved at every point of the accident; 
  • How your car moved during the accident;
  • Whether your body was struck, cut, crushed, or otherwise harmed by any objects; and 
  • What you did immediately after the accident. 

Giving an emergency room doctor this information can help them determine what type of treatment or diagnostic testing you need and what type of specialists you might need to see for follow-up care.

With emergency care, you are likely to receive diagnostic imaging, which could include

  • X-rays,
  • MRIs,
  • PET scans,
  • CT scans, and 
  • Ultrasounds.

Insurance companies seek ways to blame your accident-related injuries on other culprits, but imaging that shows a problem immediately after an accident can be hard to refute. 

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Seek Specialist Care

Some of the most important doctors for a car accident claim are specialists you see after addressing emergency issues, such as:

  • Neurologists. Brain and nerve injuries can go undetected after a car accident while causing significant damage. A neurologist can pinpoint lesser known symptoms of these injuries and provide the treatment you need to combat their effects. 
  • Orthopedists. A car accident can wreak havoc on your skeletal system and joints, which can make your work and your personal life substantially more difficult. An orthopedist can help you heal as quickly as possible from a bone break or joint rupture. 
  • Pain management doctors. Unfortunately, some injury symptoms can impact your quality of life for years or even a lifetime. A pain management doctor can help you confront and reduce this pain daily. 
  • Mental health practitioners. A car wreck can take a toll on your body and your mind. An at-fault driver should compensate you for any psychological or emotional effects an accident has on you, and a mental health practitioner can help you determine what those effects are. 

You should be careful to keep up with each healthcare provider’s treatment recommendations and attend all appointments to help ensure you do not miss any damage caused by the accident. 

Did Your Primary Care Doctor Refuse to See You?

Frustratingly enough, not all primary care doctors want to be enmeshed in legal claims, and your primary care doctor might decline to be your doctor for a car accident. If this happens, talk to an experienced legal team like ours.

Weinberg Law Offices, P.C., can put you in touch with providers who can give you the best treatment and are ready to handle the demands of a car accident case. We can also help ensure that the party that is at fault pays your medical expenses. 

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