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A car accident happens every 16 minutes. And whether you’re at fault or not, there can be serious injuries and cars can be totaled. With bills mounting, you need experienced attorneys to navigate your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Weinberg Law Offices P.C. has years of experience dealing with auto accident cases and injuries. We know being in a car accident is stressful on top of the injuries, and you need to be in good hands to build your case and bring it to success.

If you’ve been in an accident, our legal staff is ready to help you get your life back on track.

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Each case is unique, down to the types of vehicles, mechanical issues, and finding fault. With our seasoned experience, we know how to approach each case methodically and successfully. Our goal is to get you proper compensation to allow you to put your accident behind you.

We’ll fight tirelessly and build your case as best as we can. We offer a free initial case evaluation so you can see the grounds of your particular situation. If you think you may have a case, don’t wait to reach out! Our team is waiting to hear from you.

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I got into a car accident last September and the other driver insurance company told me I had the fault and did not want to pay me one cent. I called a few different lawyers, but ended up going with Yoni because he seemed to like his job and know what he was talking about. I was not disappointed. Within one week, the insurance company accepted 50% fault and offered only $10,000. After I went to treatment for a couple months, Yoni filed a lawsuit against the company and very soon after they accepted 100% fault and I ended up getting $45,000 out of it. Thank you so much Yoni I will tell my friends and family to use you if they ever have an accident.



Yoni is so professional, reliable, and responsible. He is a “go-getter” and he will always go up and over what is expected to please his clients. He clearly has exceptional skills as a lawyer and he knows how to get stuff done. He is very directive, yet respectful, and he has exemplary social skills that are clearly an asset. I would highly recommend hiring Yoni for resolving your legal conflicts. He is trustworthy and sensitive to others’ needs. I would definitely use Yoni’s services again.



I wanted a settlement, and was going to settle with no help. Not only did Yoni help me with my settlement, but I ended up receiving a way higher settlement with his HELP. This guy is quick, and doesn’t waste time.



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You need attorneys who have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies and adjusters will not cut it, and our legal staff has your back.

Car accidents happen for a lot of reasons, whether it’s driver negligence, mechanical defects, or environmental conditions. The consequences can be severe, and we can hold the party at fault accountable.

Weinberg Law Offices P.C. is in your corner. We can secure you compensation for medical bills, property damages, or even lost wages as a result of your injury. Don’t hesitate or wait any longer to reach out to our team. Our lawyers have a proven track record and can get you on the path to justice.

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