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settlement check for car accident

Pursuing a settlement check for car accident can be a time-consuming process. Your claim could take months or even a year or more to settle.

Understandably, you might assume that the check for a car accident is mailed immediately. However, that is not how things work.

If you have questions on the settlement check timeline in California, it’s best to contact an experienced car accident lawyer at Weinberg Law Offices.

Auto Accident Settlement Timeline | California

What is the auto accident settlement timeline in California? Unfortunately, the timeline to receive a car accident settlement check varies from case to case.

Insurance companies must adhere to strict guidelines and claims practices, so there is no benefit for them to delay sending the check.

However, certain things must happen before the insurance company sends your settlement check. Here is a look at what happens once your case resolves.

You Must Sign a Release Form

Before the insurance company issues a check, you must sign a release of all claims and mail it back.

If you didn’t have a lawyer representing you throughout the claims process, you should have a car accident lawyer review the release of claims and determine whether the settlement is fair.

Some insurance companies deliberately make the release more convoluted than it needs to be. You should always review it with a lawyer to understand the settlement terms.

Once you sign the release, you cannot come back and ask for more money should you need additional treatment.

When resolving a car accident claim, the settlement check typically arrives after signing the release of liability form. Normally, the insurance company issues the settlement payment, often directed to your personal injury lawyer. They deduct their fee, after which you receive the remaining settlement amount.

Settlement check arrival times vary based on factors like the insurer’s processes and the complexity of the case. Generally, after signing the release, expect the check within a range of 2-6 weeks. However, some cases might see quicker delivery, while others, especially intricate ones, could take longer, possibly up to 8-10 weeks.

The Car Accident Settlement Check Is Sent to Your Attorney

When resolving a car accident claim, the insurance company typically issues a settlement check upon your agreement by signing a release of liability form. This check is often disbursed to your appointed personal injury lawyer, who deducts their fee before forwarding the remaining amount to you.

The car accident settlement check timeline in California differs if you have a car accident lawyer representing you.

The insurance company will send the car accident settlement check to your lawyer, who deposits it in an escrow account first. They must handle any obligations and take their legal fees before releasing any money.

Paying Off Outstanding Liens 

Before receiving your check, the insurance company or your lawyer must first pay any outstanding liens.

Typical liens include unpaid medical bills and reimbursement owed to your health insurance company, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Many people do not realize that they must also address another financial obligation—outstanding child support. The insurance company must pay the required amount if you have unpaid child support obligations.

Receiving Your Car Accident Settlement Check

Once all legal obligations are resolved and your attorney takes their fees (if applicable), you should receive the settlement check for your car accident.

In a simple case with no liens or child support obligations, you might have your check within 7-10 days after the adjuster receives the signed release.

Insurance companies want to close their case files, so most claims adjusters are quick about sending a check.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

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No one wants to get through the entire settlement process only to find out they were taken advantage of by the insurance company.

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